One Customer’s Story

The Leak Defense System helps prevent damage due to plumbing leaks or broken plumbing. Sure, insurance will help restore and repair losses after an event, but the Leak Defense System serves to stop damage before it occurs–saving you time, money and the headaches of having to vacate your home while repairs are made. Listen to Jerry’s story and why he installed the Leak Defense System.

Sometimes the truth is shocking.

No insurance can replace family photos, antiques, artwork and other priceless treasures once water has destroyed them.

The Leak Defense System is completely automatic.

Installing it in your home or second home can help prevent the destructive nightmare caused by a plumbing leak—especially one that isn’t discovered for days or weeks if unoccupied.

It monitors water flow in your home’s plumbing system and if a plumbing leak is detected, it simply turns off the water and notifies you of the problem before any serious damage can occur. Pure genius.

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Residential Users

Commercial Users

Water Damage Stats

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your home and property is protected against damage from plumbing leaks.

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Reduce water bills and protect your investments against damage from plumbing leaks with our commerical Leak Defense System.

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Find out how these cars became encased in ice after a plumbing break.

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The Leak Defense System. Pure Genius.

Insurance Discounts
Water damage caused by plumbing leaks is continues to be the #1 claim, so many insurers are offering incentive programs who have the Leak Defense System installed in their home or business.

Register Your Leak Defense System
Register your Leak Defense System electronically.

Video Demo of the Leak Defense System
See for yourself that the Leak Defense System is simple and easy to use.

Leak Defense System Installation Video
This short video shows how to set up your Leak Defense System once it’s installed.

Insurance Discounts

These insurers offer incentive programs to their policy holders who have the Leak Defense System installed in their homes or businesses.

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Owner’s Manual

Download .pdf with simple instructions on how to manage your Leak Defense System, including troubleshooting and warranty details.

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Installation Guides

Documentation for residential and commercial installations, and a pre-installation assessment form.

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Informational Downloads

A variety of product information downloads, checklists, and product specification sheets.

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