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Malfunctioning Toilet Produces Huge Water Bill


From Water Technology Magazine

A malfunctioning toilet left one 82-year-old resident, who had been away from mid-April to late June,with a $1,195 water bill.

The Colorado Springs Utility said it will pay $415 of the bill because it failed to do anything after noticing the resident’s water usage had skyrocketed, an August 20 story in The Gazette reported.

Les Cole’s toilet ran continuously while he was away. The utility did notice the high amount of water used, but verified the usage amount as accurate and did not contact Cole, which is a violation of the utility’s policy.

At first the utility refused to pay any amount of the bill. But the utility later wrote Cole a letter stating, “We have reviewed your account and believe that a correction is warranted because we did not attempt to contact you of the excessive consumption,” the story said.

After hearing about the matter, an anonymous man donated $790 to help pay off the rest of the bill.