Why Do You Need Leak Protection?


FAST ACTION is the key to preventing this disaster!

Water is surrounding you inside your home 24/7 – all maintained under pressure through a complex web of pipes that can spring leaks in joints, where they attach to appliances or behind walls and inside ceilings. IN COLD WEATHER frozen pipes can burst, causing an inside flood!  IN JUST MINUTES water can spread to other areas of the home. IN HOURS pressed wood swells and begins to disintegrate. It gets much worse the longer it flows undetected. The damage can be catastrophic. Thankfully, this nightmare is preventable thanks to Leak Defense leak detection system

Excess water in your home can also promote electrical hazards, cause expensive damage to your home’s structure and furnishings, and can even lead to the growth of hazardous mold. Homes damaged by water must disclose it listing it for sale so even if it is restored to its pre-damaged state, your home’s value will be negatively impacted when you get ready to sell.

The Leak Defense System is the best automatic shut-off water detection device available on the market!

Which option is best for you?


Leak Defense System®

Whole house leak detection system that allows you to monitor the flow of water and automatically turns the flow of water in the event of a leak.


Point of Leak Detector (POLD)

Small, state-of-the-art device that you can set at all points of potential water leaks. The Point of Leak Detector device will sound an alarm when moisture is detected. Place them wherever a plumbing leak might occur.

Which Leak Defense is Right for You?

How the Point of Leak Detector Works

Just Set It and Forget It


No installation or plumbing is needed

The wireless POLD device is battery powered. Purchase as many as you need to sit silently near toilets, in laundry rooms, under sinks and anywhere else a water leak might occur.

Sounds alarm when moisture is detected

Can be used as a stand alone device or seamlessly integrated with the Leak Defense System and have a 3rd party monitor the devices and alert you when an alarm sounds. You can also integrate with home security/automation systems if desired.

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How the Leak Defense System® Works

Requires a plumber to install on the home’s water source

Your plumber or an authorized Leak Defense System plumber will install the main valve on our home’s incoming waterline. Once installed, it begins monitoring water flow—catching even small leaks. It is pure genius. There’s a valve to fit every application from ¾” to 3”.

Monitors water flow throughout your home and can automatically shut if off

Once installed on your home’s incoming water supply line, the Leak Defense System uses your pre-set parameters to monitor water flow 24/7 – 365 days a year. The Leak Defense System is so sensitive, it can often catch small leaks even before they become problems or run up your water bill. If the flow exceeds those limits set by you for a pre-defined period of time, the Leak Defense System will sound an alarm.

If no one is home, the Leak Defense System will shut off water to the home automatically, saving you potentially tens of thousand of dollars in damages, and untold misery. The Leak Defense System can be installed on any home and can even be connected to a home security company for added peace of mind.

Monitor your home’s water flow via our free app

You will then have instant access to and control of your Leak Defense System. If you have multiple systems, you can monitor and control each individually through the app.

Can help you save money on your water bill

In an average residence, 22 gallons of water are lost to leakage each day, and the most common culprits are leaking toilets or dripping faucets. This daily leakage volume is about equal to the amount of drinking water a family of 3 needs for 2 full weeks!

Can help you save money on your homeowner’s insurance

Water damage caused by plumbing leaks is quickly becoming the number one claim for high value homes. In response to this, several insurance carriers have recognized the Leak Defense System as the most cost effective system for the prevention of catastrophic plumbing leaks. Insurers offer incentive programs to their policy holders who have the Leak Defense System installed in their home or business.

Here are the insurers we have partnered with to help keep you from ever getting soaked by a plumbing leak again!