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Think of all the “invisible” threats your home faces daily:
Imagine being away from home all day, or for a week or more on vacation when a pipe supplying the washing machine, ice maker, dishwasher, or any other appliance in your home suddenly develops a small leak. Now imagine that small leak getting larger until the pipe bursts completely and water is running unabated in your home for hours or, in some cases, even days!

That’s one nightmare you can avoid thanks to the Sentinel Hydrosolutions Leak Defense System.
Once installed on your home’s incoming water supply line, the Leak Defense System uses your pre-set parameters to monitor water flow 24/7 – 365 days a year. The Leak Defense System is so sensitive, it can often catch small leaks even before they become problems or run up your water bill. If the flow exceeds those limits set by you for a pre-defined period of time, the Leak Defense System will sound an alarm. If no one is home, the Leak Defense System will shut off water to the home automatically, saving you potentially tens of thousand of dollars in damages, and untold misery. The Leak Defense System can be installed on any home and can even be connected to a home security company for added peace of mind.
Don’t wait until disaster strikes.
Contact your plumber today and tell him you want the Leak Defense System installed in your home right away. If your plumber isn’t a Leak Defense System installer, contact us for the name of the installing contractor nearest you.