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The Leak Defense System®

Our proprietary electronic flow sensing technology is second to none for performance and reliability in water conservation and leak protection.

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our customers are saying:

  • This is the product I have been waiting for. They (the two units) are performing as promised on the upper floors of our building.

    Property Manager Tennessee
  • Thanks to the Leak Defense System, we learned that our pool pump has a leak.

    Homeowner Tennessee
  • I'm including a Leak Defense System in every one of the homes I'm building going forward. It will protect the home during the construction phase and is a differentiating factor for me versus my competitors.

    Homebuilder Alabama
  • System is straight forward and easy to use. It has plenty of features for the average homeowner.

    Homeowner Tennessee
  • The system works exactly as promised. My customer loves it. We've been called back out to the house a couple of times already in response to leaks it has found.

    Plumber California
  • This is an excellent product. I plan to specify it on commercial and multi-unit residential projects beginning immediately.

    Plumbing Engineer California
  • This system is terrific. It limits water waste when I'm home and gives me peace of mind when I'm away from home.

    Homeowner California
  • This system is ideal for our northern climate. I don't have to worry anymore about a flooded house if the pipes freeze.

    Homeowner Minnesota
  • It was a no brainer to install the Leak Defense System in my house on the lake (vacation home). I don't have to worry about turning the water off and on when I come and go and I don't have to worry about a leak destroying the place.

    Homeowner Alabama
  • Once we installed the LDS, I learned that the manual shut off valve for those offices suites was buried inside a column, I would have had to cut dry wall to get to it! Now I can shut the water off at the push of a button.

    Property Manager Tennessee