Water damage from leaking plumbing is


more likely than fire


more likely than burglary

Fast action is the key to preventing damage from a plumbing leak. The Leak Defense System (LDS) is the best and most effective plumbing leak detector and automatic water shut-off valve on the market!

Where do you need protection?


Protect your home’s structure, furnishing and valuables from water damage.

High Rise

One burst pipe or an undetected slow leak can be a disaster on many levels.

Home Builders

Gain a competitive edge and provide an invaluable amenity for homebuyers.


You can monitor and turn off water to entire stacks with the touch of a button.


From structure, equipment to important files, your investment is protected.

Why Trust Leak Defense System?

Innovation Leader

Our multiple patents and proprietary electronic flow sensing technology has been recognized internationally for outstanding performance and reliability in water conservation and protection. With pipe sizes 3/4″ to 3″ there’s a fit for every application.

Trusted Brand

We’ve been protecting peace of mind for homeowners, building ownerscondominium management, high-rise and commercial properties for over a decade against water damage. The Leak Defense System is so trusted, a number of national insurance companies offer discounts for installing it on your property.

Here’s What Our Customers are Saying:

  • This is the product I have been waiting for. They (the two units) are performing as promised on the upper floors of our building.

    Property Manager - Tennessee
  • Thanks to the Leak Defense System, we learned that our pool pump has a leak.

    Homeowner - Tennessee
  • I’m including a Leak Defense System in every one of the homes I’m building going forward. It will protect the home during the construction phase and is a differentiating factor for me versus my competitors.

    Homebuilder – Alabama
  • System is straight forward and easy to use. It has plenty of features for the average homeowner.

    Homeowner – Tennessee
  • The system works exactly as promised. My customer loves it. We’ve been called back out to the house a couple of times already in response to leaks it has found.

    Plumber – California
  • This is an excellent product. I plan to specify it on commercial and multi-unit residential projects beginning immediately.

    Plumbing Engineer – California
  • This system is terrific. It limits water waste when I’m home and gives me peace of mind when I’m away from home.

    Homeowner – California
  • This system is ideal for our northern climate. I don’t have to worry anymore about a flooded house if the pipes freeze.

    Homeowner – Minnesota
  • It was a no brainer to install the Leak Defense System in my house on the lake (vacation home). I don’t have to worry about turning the water off and on when I come and go and I don't have to worry about a leak destroying the place.

    Homeowner – Alabama
  • Once we installed the LDS, I learned that the manual shut off valve for those offices suites was buried inside a column, I would have had to cut dry wall to get to it! Now I can shut the water off at the push of a button.

    Property Manager - Tennessee