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Restoration Inspector


Installation will be

If Outdoor, LDS must be housed in a protective enclosure 18" above grade.

Plumber providing protective cover?
Water Source
Relays needed for pump
Pipe Size where installed
Pipe orientation where installed
Direction of water flow
Secondary structures plumbed from the main
Will second LDS be required for secondary structure?
Pipe Size where second LDS will be installed

Panel & Power (discuss with homeowner)

Control Panel should be installed 50' or less from the valve.

Connecting to the web-based app?
Connecting to a security system?
Outlets available for the valve and panel?
Electrician needed?
Please explain the electrical work that will be required

Water Features (check all that apply and provide details)

LDS installed after irrigation?
Hose bibs?
LDS installed after hose bibs?
Fire Sprinkler?

LDS must be installed after fire sprinkler.

How is the pool/hot-tub filled?

Put the Leak Defense System in Standby Mode when manually filling a pool

LDS installed after pool/hot-tub?
Irrigation timer to be added?
How is the pond/fountain filled?
LDS installed after pond/fountain?
Expansion tanks?
Central boiler?
Central boiler has low water cutoff?
Radon bubbler?

LDS must be installed after radon bubbler.

Water mister?
LDS installed after humidifiers?
LDS installed after filter/softener?
Cartridge or regenerating?
Recirculation pump?
Circ pump switch needed?
Circ pump hardwired or plugged in?
Standalone ice machine?
Reverse osmosis?
Reverse osmosis monitored by LDS?
Reverse osmosis whole house or under counter?

LDS cannot be installed before whole house RO. Please call to discuss options: Split System / Install After.

Point of Leak Detectors (POLDs)