The Leak Defense System Can Prevent This

"Water Damage Detector"

The time to install the Leak Defense System is before disaster strikes.

The most likely cause of a business disaster is the one you’re least likely protected against right now.

Ironic. The disaster most likely to occur is the least likely to be protected against. It’s time you updated your company’s security suite with the addition of the Leak Defense System.

Water damage occurs 7 times more often than fire and 6 times more often than burglary.  Almost every business has a fire alarm and security system but not a water alarm. Protect yourself from the leading cause of insurance claims by installing America’s most advanced plumbing leak detector and automatic water shut off valve.

Installs on incoming supply line. Protects immediately.

Monitor, adjust flow rates and turn off water to your entire building with the touch of a button on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Shuts off water automatically to selected zones or entire building.

There’s a valve to fit every application from ¾” to 3”. So sensitive it can catch even small leaks that can waste water and cause damage if undetected.

"Water Damage Detection"

Easy to program control panel

Our wireless control panel makes it easy to set up your Leak Defense System. You can also monitor and control remotely from your wireless devices using our app through your building management system.

The Leak Defense System is also designed to tie into your security system for maximum protection. Provides one-touch turn off of incoming water supply.

Add-ons to the Leak Defense System for pinpointing critical leak areas

Commercial Buildings

Point of Leak Detector (POLD)

Each POLD is battery powered (commercial version is hard-wired), no installation (just set it and forget it) and provides 24/7 monitoring of a high critical area. They can be integrated with the Leak Defense System or used as a stand alone devices, and can be monitored remotely when connected with the optional API and Control Panel.


Water Sensor Rope

The Water Sensor Rope connects and extends the reach of a POLD and can be placed into any area or configuration. Both the POLD and the Water Sensor Rope sense moisture and sounds an alarm when detected or shuts off the water if desired.