There is no water flowing, but the bar graph on my Control Panel shows flow. What should I do?


Many homes have some continual back and forth flow in their main water line, much of which is caused by the Hot Water Tank. You can check this effect by turning off the valve which controls water flow in to your tank. If this has no effect, complete the following steps. First, ensure a slow processing automatic appliance such as a reverse osmosis water filter or humidifier is not cycling. Second, if you have a manual shut off valve before the Leak Defense you should close it and make sure panel comes to 0. After you have completed these steps, if your bar graph continues to indicate water flow, you most likely have a plumbing leak in an obscure location. In this case you should call a plumber or Sentinel Hydrosolutions 1-866-410-1134 who will help you determine a course of action.