"Water Damage Detector"

Installing the Leak Defense System® can help prevent costly damage from plumbing leaks

Detects plumbing leaks in walls, ceilings and slabs

In minutes, water from a plumbing leak can spread to other areas. If from a floor above, it can cause major damage within an hour or less if undetected and stopped. Prevent this nightmare by installing the Leak Defense System, the world’s best plumbing leak detector and automatic water shut off valve.

  • Effective in catching both small and catastrophic leaks
  • Turns off water automatically if pre-set limits are exceeded
  • Turn off water from anywhere using our custom APP
  • Monitor and receive alarm notices on your devices
  • Provides 24/7 monitoring of water flow
  • Excellent protection

Installs on incoming water line and monitors flow 24/7

Practically maintenance-free after installation

  • Electronic sensor leak technology provides long-term consistency
  • Easily programmed with control panel
  • Monitor hot or cold water lines for optimum protection
  • Available in pipe sizes from 3/4” to 3” to fit any size project
  • Sensor leak technology assures no pressure drop
  • Monitor and control from any device with our custom app
  • May be linked to 3rd party security monitoring company
  • A must for all new construction
"Water Damage Detection"

Monitor status from any device

  • Triggers alarm if pre-set parameters are exceeded
  • Monitor and control from wireless control panel or app
  • Can connect with 3rd party home security systems
  • Monitor and control multiple units from one device
  • Especially helpful for multiple family building managers

Add-ons to the Leak Defense System for pinpointing critical leak areas

High Rise

Point of Leak Detector (POLD)

Each POLD is battery powered, simple to install (just set it and forget it) and provides 24/7 monitoring of a high critical area. Can be integrated with the Leak Defense System or used as a stand alone device, and can be monitored remotely when connected with the optional API and Control Panel.


Water Sensor Rope

The Water Sensor Rope connects and extends the reach of a POLD and can be placed into any area or configuration. Both the POLD and the Water Sensor Rope senses moisture and sounds an alarm when detected.