Introducing the Leak Defense System; your ounce of prevention.

Think of it as your disaster aversion plan.

Installs on stacks/risers up to 3″. Monitor and control flow 24/7

You know the drill all too well. Phone rings with panic on the other end. Something about a broken water line and water is already pooling on an upper floor. Will it be a disaster or simply a minor annoyance? That depends on how fast the water can be shut off. With the Leak Defense System it’s already taken care of – or you can take action immediately with the push of a button.

This scenario will have a much better outcome when America’s most advanced leak detector and automatic water shutoff valve is on the job. You’ll be notified immediately via our app or your through your building management system.

Monitor the status of ALL Leak Defense units from one dashboard

  • Effective in catching all types of leaks
  • Turns off water automatically if your settings are exceeded
  • Turn off water from anywhere using our custom APP
  • Monitor and receive alarm notices on your devices
  • Provides 24/7 monitoring of water flow
  • Can shut off water to selected zones or entire building

Monitor and control from any device

  • Alarms when pre-set parameters are exceeded
  • Monitor and control from wireless control panel or app
  • Can connect with 3rd party security systems
  • Monitor and control multiple units from one device
  • Especially helpful for multiple family building managers/HOAs

Add-ons to the Leak Defense System for pinpointing critical leak areas


Point of Leak Detector (POLD)

Each POLD can be battery powered or plugged in. Just set it and forget it and get 24/7 monitoring of a high critical area. Can be integrated with the Leak Defense System or used as a stand alone device.  Can be monitored remotely when connected with optional API and Control Panel.


Water Sensor Rope

The Water Sensor Rope connects and extends the reach of a POLD and can be placed into any area or configuration. Both the POLD and the Water Sensor Rope sense moisture and sounds an alarm and shuts off water to protect the building.