The average cost of repairs for water damage can exceed $20,000 compared to other causes of loss.

And no insurance can replace your family photos, antiques, artwork and other priceless treasures once water has destroyed them.

Ultimate Plumbing Leak Protection!


The Leak Defense System®

  • Easy to use control panel
  • Can detect leaks behind walls and in ceilings
  • Originally created to catch pinhole and slab leaks
  • Automatically shuts off water if leak is detected
  • Easily programmed to suit your family’s water usage
  • Designed to tie into your security system for maximum protection
  • Provides one-touch turn off of incoming water supply
  • May help reduce your water consumption for added savings
  • The ultimate plumbing leak protector

The Premier Leak Detection and Protection Device

Monitor and control water flow to your residence, a second home, or high rise or office building remotely from anywhere with our app. Here’s how it works.

Our automatic shut-off valve is installed on the incoming water line. Once installed, the Leak Defense System monitors water flow 24/7. If the flow exceeds your pre-set limits, it sends an alert and sounds an alarm. If the alarm isn’t reset within your pre-set time, it shuts the water off automatically and notifies you—potentially saving thousands in damages. Simply genius.

Fits Any Size Installation from 3/4″ to 3″

The Leak Defense System is available in pipe sizes from ¾” to 3” so it fits any application — even large commercial buildings.
Now every structure can have the ultimate in leak protection.


The Heart – Leak Defense System Valve

The Leak Defense System automatic water shut-off control valve is installed on the structure’s incoming waterline. Once installed, it monitors water flow 24/7.  There’s a pipe size to fit every application from ¾” to 3″. It’s the best water leak detector on the market. Now every building can have the ultimate leak protection.


The Brain – Control Panel

Water usage varies in every home. The wireless control panel lets you set your Leak Defense System to fit the water usage needs of your family. Set it up to allow various appliance cycles like dishwashers, washing machines, etc. and change it anytime to refine it perfectly to your family’s lifestyle. It can also be connected to a 3rd party monitoring company to make sure an alert always gets attention even if you’re nowhere around.


Ultimate Control – Mobile App

Going on vacation? Have a vacation home and want to make sure all the plumbing is water tight? Simply install the LDS app and get remote control of your Leak Defense System. If you have multiple systems, you can monitor and control each system individually through the app. This feature is especially valuable for persons who own and manage multiple properties.